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2015 Summer Performance Season - Evening and Matinee Performances

As a part of our mission, Tempel Lipizzans seeks to educate about classical horsemanship via our Lipizzan training program at Tempel Farms. Training stays close to the origins of the classical school and our performances take the visitor through various stages of development and training of the Lipizzan Horse. To learn more, click here. For our summer schedule, click here.

2015 Media Coverage

VIDEO: Comcast Community Connections attends a Matinee Performance celebrating 70 years since Operation Cowboy, the rescue of the lipizzans during WWII.
ARTICLE and PHOTOS: "Dancing Lipizzan Horses Return in Honor of WWII Veterans" by Dan Moran. Photos by Mark Kodiak Ukena.
AUDIO: Program Coordinator of The Tempel Lipizzans, Emily Riccio-Robbins, joins Bill and Wendy to talk about their upcoming performances and the intricacies of dancing horses.
VIDEO: Art, History, Music in Motion
ARTICLE: A Stately Tradition: Lipizzan Horses Combine Art and Education




2014 Press Coverage


North Shore Weekend - Bill McLean gives an overview of performance art in Old Mill Creek.


WGN - Amy Rutledge makes an early season visit to the Tempel Lipizzans


Chicago Sun Times reporter Dan Moran observes training and learns about the program.


WCUI - Chris DeRose takes a sneak peak of what to expect for the summer performace season.